Follow up on event's, press, and other happenings surrounding the publication of The Black Experience in Design.

The Black Experience in Design book launch and celebration — February 12, 2022
The editors of the book discuss the contents of The Black Experience in Design: Identity, Expression, and Reflection highlighting the the themes of each of it's sections, as well going into the thinking behind the visual design of the book.

OHNY Stacks: The Black Experience in Design— February 17, 2022
OHNY Stacks is a series of book talks exploring the unknown, the unseen, and the unnoticed aspects of urban life. Check out the conversation the editorial team had with OHNY Board Member Saundra Thomas.


The Daily Heller: A Long Time Coming (PRINT Magazine]
There is a 596-page brick of a book that has been a long time in coming is finally here...


We need more Black designers. Here’s how to support their success (Fast Company)
Rivian’s Forest Young on how to create pathways for Black designers—and why true diversity is a creative advantage that can’t be ignored
This essay was adapted from The Black Experience in Design